Great Casino Luck

Great Casino Luck

Along with playing skills and a proper understanding of the game everyone needs great casino luck if they want to win. Some casino players carry lucky charms and other indulge in simple or even very elaborate rituals to bring themselves luck when they go gambling. In reality, lucky charms don’t actually have any effect on the outcome of the game and it’s more psychological. But you have to admit that some habits die hard and even the most practical players may have some lucky charm.

Here’s is a look at some of the gambling lucky charms that lucky gamblers use to bring them luck at a casino.

Charm Bracelets

Some people wear charm bracelets. These bracelets have number of symbols that are supposed to bring you luck when you gamble

Four Leaf Clover

This is an age old lucky charm. This leaf is supposed to be pressed flat and placed in your wallet and is believed to help bring you money, health, luck and love.

Rabbit’s Foot

This is one of the most common lucky charms that a lot of people carry, not just at casinos but otherwise. The rabbit’s foot is made into a keychain


The horse shoe is another popular lucky charm and people believe that carrying one around will bring good fortune.

Mojo Bag

This is a tiny bag filled with lucky roots and curios. The bag is tied up and is believed to bring the holder good luck.

Money Bag Charm

This is a tiny bag shaped like money bag and, you guessed it, people believe that carrying this with them will actually help them win more money.

Number 7

The number 7 is considered lucky by a lot of casino players and so they may carry the number 7 in the form of an amulet or wear it as a pendant to help bring them luck.

There are also some very interesting casino rituals that you can notice people indulge in to being themselves more luck. Here’s a look at what they are

Ladies Blow On Dice

Many players at the craps table as pretty women gamblers blow on the dice before they roll them. It is believed that it will bring the shooter luck and will help them roll out the numbers they want.

Befriend Your Slot

Many people believe that they have to befriend their slot machine if they want to win. You can sometimes see people stroking the slot machine, kissing them before they play or even talking to them asking the machine to help them win the jackpot.

Keeping Your Fingers Crossed

I guess we all do this. When the roulette wheel spins or the slot reels are coming to a stop, we all naturally cross our fingers and hope that we get the winning numbers or the jackpot.

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